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To discover our firm and its products, we invite you to browse the website and the different pages which compose it , regarding diverse subjects of interest :


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2. Offered subjects(FAQ) :

  • How to obtain information on the LEBAILLY products ?
  • How to order ?
  • Where to find the prices or how to obtain them ?
  • How to print the technical sheets, prices and trading documents (order, offer or delivery request) ?
  • How are manufactured the refractory products ?
  • Who's who or which person have I got to contact for ?
  • How to search for a word, page, link ?
  • How can I visit the firm on this website ?
  • Why is the Firm LEBAILLY a favourite partner in industry ?


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Searching and visiting TOOLS

2. SUBJECTS (faq) :

How to obtain informations on LEBAILLY products ?

By visiting the PRODUCTS pages : REFRACTORY PRODUCTS, CLAYS & HAUTRAGE'S PAVEMENT STONE or putting yourself in contact with the departments :

How to order ?
  • by online form : Order
  • by e-mail :
  • by Fax : +32 (0)65 62 09 63
  • by mail : S.A. LEBAILLY, rue O. Mahieu 37 - B 7334 HAUTRAGE

Don't hesitate to put yourself in contact with our sales department : Contacts

Where to find prices or how to obtain them ?

On the PRICES pages : REFRACTORIES COMMON PRICES, PAVEMENT-STONES COMMON PRICES, for the "Professionals" with an access authorisation (traders, industrials, ...), the pages REFRACTORY PRODUCTS & PAVEMENT-STONES PROFESSIONAL PRICES.

For every refractory products sizes, quantities, qualities as for the clays a customized offer can be requested to our departments :

How to print the technical sheets, prices and trading documents (order, offer or delivery request) ?

In your browser, a software which allows you to navigate on Internet (Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator are the most common), there is an icon to click to print the current page, or in the 'File' menu you can find the 'Print' command.

To obtain the best printing quality, print backgrounds and colors by reducing the margins to 5 laterally (left to right) and 7.5 vertically (Top and bottom).

How are the refractory products manufactured ?

Many pages are speaking over this subject :

  • Process : where the manufacturing process is described
  • Manufacturing : more detailed overview including pictures and description of every step of manufacturing
  • Guided tour which allows in few selected pictures and spoken commentaries to discover the firm and its manufacturing process.

Who's who
or wich person have I got to contact ?

The pages "Structure and Chart of employees" and "Contacts" can give all the answers to this question

How to search for a word, page, link ?

The website has been organized in order to allow at anytime to search for a word, page or link :

  • Word :
    • search on the current page, type [CTRL] + [F],
    • search on the entire website : SEARCH/KEYWORD,
    • search on the Web : select a search engine on our LINKS page
  • Page : using the SITE MAP or the search by KEYWORDS, that shows all the pages including the requested keyword, or by having a look at the homepage menu, or by offered links on each top (menu buttons) and bottom of page (icons or items)
  • Links : the pages internal or external links are showed depending on the needings of every page. Indeed on each page you can find the following internal links (on page) : [ Top | Structure | Faq | Subjects | Bottom ] and the numerous website internal links : see also ("Page" and structure).
    All the offered external links on the site are grouped on page LINKS, and can be useful (daily currencies exchange rates, incoterms description and overview, search engines on the Web, ...)

How can I visit the firm on this website ?

By having a look on pages FIRM PRESENTATION and GUIDED TOUR

Why is the Firm LEBAILLY a favourite partner in industry ?

Have a browse on our page Firm's STRATEGY and the other Firm and products presentation is the best way to convince yourself that our firm is a partner you can stand by on.



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