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Our range of refractory products is composed by four categories :

Produits Réf. STANDARDS Coins Cimentiers Produits Réf. Spéciaux Produits Réf. non façonnés
Standards Cube-shaped Special Non-shaped

and meet the needings in silicon-aluminated refractory products of the cement, ceramic, steel and building industries.

The different manufactured qualities are :

  • silicon aluminated products from 18 to 85% alumina density (Al2O3)
  • BRO
  • raw alumina products
    (see sheet PhosLY80 %)
  • andalousite, anti-acid, PCT and silimanite
    (see related sheets)

Selecting a Technical Sheet for the most common refractory products
By selecting an item, you will obtain the related technical sheet in the selected quality so you can print it for your own files :

Our products list is given as an example and is not fully reproduced. All sizes can be offered in different qualities, by analysis of the needings for dedicated use, and a customized offer is given taking account of quantities, qualities, delivery times, payment conditions and all the elements related to model designing costs.


The standard products are great consumption bricks and tiles of most common sizes, indiscriminately used in all the building sectors.

The common products which are mainly dedicated to the cement producers are cementry-corners, cube-shaped tiles and hanging ark keys. All sizes and qualities are available on request.
We have taken in consideration a list of the most used products conforming to Belgian, French and Dutch norms.

The following list indicates the most common sizes used in Europe for rotating blasts. The usual qualities are the high alumina densities : LY60 to LY85.


Our special products are refractory item that are custom-designed for precise applications generally restricted to few companies.

The unshaped products are mixtures used either for monolithic items conception or for refractory parts joining, under the form of cement, leaks and covers, pised and launchable mixtures.
Furnaces hearth, fit-in blasts parts, ... are all special sizes. The number and diversity of these items are so huge that it is not useful to establish any list of these products. The technical sheets list currently available is restricted to our standard in-stock products.
The other unshaped products are subject to a special offer as for example the leaks (50kg bags), covers (50kg bags, 0/1 or other granulometry on request), ...


In our customers, we stand on numerous worldwide industrial groups and traders as well introduced in Europe or even worldwide.
The undershowed list is given anyway for example and witnesses if needed of the LY products presence on international markets.

2. GLOSSARY (typology)

The refractory products does resist to high temperatures and are used for realising and maintenance of blasts, high furnaces, steel bags, furnaces, burners, opened-fires, pipes, outlining walls for structures where heath keeping and high temperatures resistance are needed.

Depending on use , different qualities are offered to warrant the bests conditions of appliance. The 'LY' label allows to identify easily our products and a supplementary code-number shows for the standard products the alumina density. This number reveals if the product does perfectly apply to the special needings and material cost.

  • Solid products

This is a sample list of the existing needings in solid refractory products :

    • covering standard or shaped bricks,
    • bauxite bricks or sillimanite bricks,
    • bagging bricks,
    • non-stop leak splitter bricks,
    • bricks for mixers,
    • outsourcing leaks bricks,
    • tiles, disks, refractory masses, ...
  • Thermic or chemical linkage

The refractory products are all ceramic products and are traditionally baked to force ceramising. The used linkage is mainly clay that enhances homogenicity of the product during ceramising time. It happens that some other linkage technics, non-ceramical or part-ceramical gives results conforming to special applications. In this situation, we use then chemical linkages, like for example phosphoric acid or its derivated to manufacture "raw" products.

  • Standard or shaped products

These products which conforms to accurate Belgian, French, Dutch, Italian and European norms, ... are called standard products. The common refractory bricks in Belgium measures 220x110x60 mm, in France, the NF1 measures 230x114x64 mm, the NF2 250x123x64, in Holland, the classical bricks measures 212x105x55 mm, etc ... The cementry dedicated products are more standard-sized at European and even Extra-european level. Anyway, every kind can be manufactured regarding special shaped or measures. In this case, the mould designing costs are charged, insteed of for the standard products, which for the moulds and types exists and doesn't need any special design. It is anyway prossible to create and own your own moulds in our stock for your usual kinds of bricks. In any situation it could be useful to put yourself in contact with our sales department.

  • Anti-Acid, P.C.T., Penetration, ...

In order to meet special needings, some special mixtures are offered to warrant some complementary qualities to the refractory products, like the "anti-acid" treatment, ...

  • Dry overpressed or stretched products

Excepting some limited hollow products that are manufactured by stretching, called "wet way", all our products are for long time ago manufactured using dry way, meaning dry overpressing, in automatic presses for the standard products and great series or manual presses for small series or special shaped products.

For a customized offer or order,
please contact us :

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