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The S.A. LEBAILLY does exist since 1842. The past events by time running, political systems and economical changes did for sure influence its existence but that is with solid basis and a trading, technical and managing never-seen dynamism that the firm is ready to deal with the new millenium challenges.


The firm's partners are composed in two family groups coming from different inheritances.
The LEBAILLY-DE RUDDER does represent 95%,
and the LEBAILLY-LEGRAND does represent 5%.

Firm's management is in charge of the board of director which groups the firm's directors and patners, under the presidence of M. Jean LEBAILLY.

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Together, they take decisions about general, financial and investments politics. Trading and technical strategies are in charge of the departments managers.

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Our firm's structure is composed by GENERAL MANAGEMENT and three branches that include all firm's departments.

The General Management     

Management council is under the presidence of M. Jean LEBAILLY, and is composed by representative people and partners :
  • Mistress DE RUDDER Monique,
  • Mister LEBAILLY Jean, companies administrator
  • Mister Philippe LEBAILLY, Dr Agro-engineer, Professor in the Faculty of Gembloux, and by
  • Departments directors.

  • Three Departments    

  • A Sales department, which manages SALES, buys, AFTER-MARKET SERVICE, public relations contacts, contracts and rates, trading documents, ...
  • The department management is in charge of <M. Jean LEBAILLY (CEO).

  • A Technical department, in charge of manufacturing, research and development, ecology, manufacturing process, choice and maintenance of the equipment fleet, studies office, ...
  • The management of technical department is in charge of M. Henri JONNIAUX (Plant Director).

    Réfractaires Standards
    Réfractaires Formats Spéciaux
    Réfractaires non façonnés
    Grès d'Hautrage

  • An Administrative and Financial department, in charge of management and organisation at administrative, financial, EDP, human resources, contacts with social Institutes, ...
  • The department management is in charge of M Daniel DE BRUYCKER (Expert Accountant).

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