Slogan LY Quality, Choice, Disponibility
are the keywords
of the strategy of the


The firm wants to be close to its customers because they are partners in high quality industrial goals realizing.

The main goal is to satisfy the customers needings in order to faithfulize him and generate a business atmosphere allowing economical enhancement for both parts in the best conditions.
This goal must be reached either on
level or in the other sectors of firm activities : clays and pavements.

The Refractory Products

Industry has always been our main source of development. Broadly involved in the sector of cementry, steel, chimney-building and other industrial sectors, our products are made according to Belgian and international standards of on special research. Our studies office is able to design the types, sizes and quantities, as well as the adequate quantities of products depending on precise needings.

Collaborating with our customers, fitters, engineers, chimney-builders and all users, we establish a formal or unformal working group depending on situation, which is able to guarantee the best efficiency of our refractory products and concerned structures.

Today, there is no way to consider our manufacturer role as an element of establishing a complete efficient structure without the contribution of the different external collaborators in blasts or any other made-in refractory products structures design.

Our customers, members of huge international groupments contact us directly or not in order to involve us in some grouping concepts. There is anyway important or essential, for them and us, that we conserve our specificity insteed of the major groupments in refractories market, to be more than a rescuing solution, more than a secondary supplier, to be in fact the favorite partner because of our seriousness, professionalism, proficiency and staying flexible and available at every moment. Because the industry is after all, a man's business !

Due to this fact , our products quality and dynamism of our sales team, the firm LEBAILLY is well exported. Well-introduced in many European countries, the LY products, our firm's label, are taking root as well in outside Western-Europe markets. Our firm's dynamism is doubtless the result of all the internal collaborators, employees, managers and partners involvement. Everyone gets satisfied by seing huge markets development as a direct product of his own work, as our firm has been able to keep the human-dedicated spirit with employees, customers, suppliers and financial partners.

The firm LEBAILLY did stay an homogenic entity, which since 1842 succeeds to remain itself, becoming

the only and last pillar
of the Walloon and Belgian
silicon-aluminated refractory products industry

everytime more opened to exportation.


Concerning the clays operating, the firm is also collaborating with industry, with the refractories producers for the aluminated clays and cements producers, bricks producers, tiles producers, pottery producers for the other kinds of clays depending on smart type and required specificities, as favorite partners. The mixing and baking tests are always possible and are either realized in laboratory or even on customer's site to ensure to have all the needed conditions to compare.

 Hautrage's pavement-stone™

Finally, the pavement is a part of our activity which has been started to satisfy the high-grade products needings, issued from our own raw materials, in order to extend our range of products. Our strategy is to promote a famous product, which for the inherent qualities are rusticity, high strength and heavy duty caracteristics that are a little bit forgotten today to let enter cheap products in people's homes. The HAUTRAGE'S PAVEMENT STONE (tm) beauty is well appreciated, but with a producing cost regarding its properties it is only affordable for high-grade rustic projects. Except the factory tile, which is dedicated to cover the companies grounds where the material quality is a priority.


Due to these reasons, for the entire operating sectors, the firm LEBAILLY applies a enhanced trading relationship "business to business", with proficiency, availability, seriousness and dynamism on every moment, because

refractories industry,
is our job, since 1842 !


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