Manufacturing (PROCESS)

The LY refractory products are manufactured using traditionnal ways adding modern technology and technically on-top materials.

We will provide you hereunder a summary of the most representative steps of the manufacturing process. If you need more details and pictures, we invite you to browse the page : manufacturing.

Manufacturing process

The raw materials are precisely selected according to their technical specificities that must meet market's needings. Coming from diverse origins like Guyana, China, Germany, France, Belgium and indeed from our ton-pits, they are precisely controlled to warrant exact conformity to the related technical sheets, then stored in special dedicated "boxes" before preparating process. The mixtures pre-treatment is done to warrant to best homogenity of these materials before using it according to manufacturing criterias.

Doing so, the clays have to be "dried" in the "earth dryer", than refined in the "earth crusher" then finally stored in our clay silos (storage boxes).

The "chamottes" and "bauxites" are pounded and crushed in order to obtain the best granulometry. The other materials are treated depending on their specificities. These elements are then measured in ferrules before being mixed in the "mixer", in order to generate the specific mixture necessary to each kind of product.

The mixtures are then driven to the automatic presses or, for the limited series or special shaped brick, to the manual presses. The "pressing" puts the product in shaped that will have to dry under a precise temperature, either ambiant or in the "Dryer", a kind of pressure blast that can reach 150°C.

Depending on the components, parts are "putted in blast", that means that the parts are placed on rollers to go in the 70 m long tunnel blast, with temperature peaks depending on the kind of "baking" products.

The baked and non-baked products as non-shaped like pyrocements, pyroconcretes and prepared clays, as well as the chemical linkage products are conducted to the sorting platforms. That's where we will proceed to some quality tests and place them on storage cells, standard or sea freight palets, containers and even in bags for the non-shaped products or prepared clays.

From this place all these products will be sent to industry, trading, in Belgium and Worldwide by truck or ship.


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