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Every important information that can concerns the sector of activities or the products, like for example the researches done in our research centers helped by the firm, will evenly mentionned on our website.

Two kinds of informations :
general informations, related to our firm and the sectors of activities and
special events informations, like an important activity or a valuable fact related to the firm or the products.

Anyway some informations concerning EMPLOYMENT VACANCIES will be permanently available in this page





"The S.A. LEBAILLY is active in the sector of refractory silicon-aluminated products and clays."

This information doesn't constitue something exclusive by itself. What is really new is the fact that our firm owns its website on the INTERNET which you are maybe discovering today.

It is then important to let it know to all those that , like us, take part in companies adventures and are constantly on a quest to find the best ways to enhance trading contacts.

We put many contact forms at your disposal : price inquiry, informations inquiry, ordering form, delivery request, ...

You can find also all our standard products rates.

Internet is opened to everybody and we must be able to provide our reference prices by free access to the private pearsons, insteed of our special prices that are only available to the building-contractors, materials traders and industrial by using a password system. This password can be obtained 'on line' by a secure identification and after having providing some precise details as well as a contact e-mail. After a checking time, a login and password will be sent soon.

For any other information, the website must give all the basis informations and maybe allow to open trading and industrial communication between refractory producers and refractories or pavement users worldwide !


Anyway, every information related to our firm, concerning any event will be also mentionned.

So, every year, the Firm organizes for its employees a relaxing day, at the moment of the "Sainte Barbe" (workers celebration day) at the beginning of december.
That is an habit to take the opportunity during this pleasant meeting that joins all the employees and the firm's managers to offer the working medals, broadly earned by our employees that are strongly tied to the company and had given the best of themselves to allow the firm to carry on being the last but strongest local, Walloon and Belgian refractory silicon-aluminated products industry pillar.


The firm LEBAILLY does frequently appeal to new workmen or employees to meet its staff expansion needings.

We are actually looking to constitute a recruitment reserve for the following pearsons for contracts starting in the beginning of year 2000 :

Workmen :

    having real knowledges and background in industrial automation and electricity.

Employees and managing people :

  • 1 TECHNICIAN-SALESMAN having high-graduate level (university), good knowledges in refractory and ceramic products is required, and which is able to negociate with industrials , in FRENCH , ENGLISH and GERMAN(essential), FLEMISH spoken is an advantage ! An export AR123 File has been especially introduced.

Please send your application to :

Mr Daniel De Bruycker

rue Octave Mahieu 37
7334          HAUTRAGE


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