Funded in 1842, the S.A. LEBAILLY is issued by splitting the company LEBAILLY in two distinctive entities : The firm Ernest LEBAILLY, having become an Ltd society, which operates in the sector of SILEX quarries operating. And our S.A. LEBAILLY, entirely that manufactures refractory products and operates clays ton-pits.



Time running, the S.A. LEBAILLY has intruded in the refractory sector as one of the most dynamic societies on the market, even in front of big groupments. For that reasons the REFRACTORY PRODUCTS label 'LY' is famous and appreciated at international level and it stills growing.

This activity was restricted in the beginning to clays mining and high or medium alumina density products manufacturing but early we had to face with new high-quality demands that involves improvement in manufacturing high alumina density products to meet firstly the needings of ironworks then cementries.

The refractory producers were numerous in the area and in Belgium some 40 years ago. Since the decease of M.Emile Lebailly in 1944, the firm had already reached a level of proficiency and a undenied know-how, but being only one among the other local refractory producers. Only the business management and some inventions and certificates have allowed to the S.A. LEBAILLY to hold an important part of the national market. Then happened the international trade negociations, mainly with France and later on step by step with some West-European countries. Finally these lasts year we succeeded to reach East-European and North-African markets and recently sub-saharian African and Minor-Asian markets. We are currently negociating new contract with other countries worldwide.

During the old related refractories components great discovers, Marius RENARD had written : "The Hautrage's area plastic earths are specially convenients for refractories manufacturing. That appears to be siliced and have a density of 20 to 27% alumina, that makes it the favorite one in parts manufacturing dedicated to Steel industry, coke-making, etc... Hautrage's plastic earth finds place in the national and foreign factories where it is well appreciated. Moreover, some kind of plastic materials issued from Hautrage's area serves well in ceramic products manufacturing, like the factoty tiles, ..."

Our firm subscribes in the most pure local tradition a had succeded against all events to maintain itself in each of the different sectors of activities, like clays and tiles, altough the other societies mentionned by the same author (Escoyez, Réfractaires de Saint-Ghislain, Eloi) have simply disappeared or have been absorbed by some foreign groupements without any real industrial attachment.

That is with a special pride that we claim to be the last but strongest pillar of the local silicon-aluminated refractory products industry.

If we have succeded winning the challenge, that's because of our readiness, ambitions, proficiency, firm's spirit and philosophy. These qualities have been demonstrated by our entire staff, which manifests a real faith in our firm's products and developments.

Anyway, there was some difficult periods, which during we had to find alternative solutions to warrant continuity. Due to these reasons the pavements department has been created some twenty years ago. We have anyway always been faithfull to our main activities since the beginning : clays mining and best quality refractory products manufacturing. To suit with these ambitions, we have put in place the most advanced technics altough conserving the advantages of tradition. Our technical improvements of the last decades have been really important and our equipment fleet is one of the most efficient in the sector.

That's in fact the result of our partners will-power, that are real "industrials", on pure meaning. Our partners are men and women that have faith in their company, completely involved to produce more and better and, respecting the workers mostly considered as collaborators, firm's pillars, partners in success and no as some puppets that can be handled following market variations and financial risks.

That's why our firm is for few years already able to deal with the most important files on the farest markets without having to worry about financial stability. The exportation technics development is a strategy that meets our needing of self-protecting against variations of local trade, which in our sector is currently supporting some restrictions. We know that the international potential is much important.

We are covering the economical Europe, mainly with France, since the beginning of the century. Dutch countries and Luxemburg are regular markets that are considered by us like local markets. This first steps in foreign trade have been then followed by Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy. For some time, we are actually intending to deal with Switzerland, Hungaria, ...

More recently, we're extending our relations to the extra-European countries like North-Africa, Sub-Saharian Africa, Minor Asia, ...

Everything has always been done to allow our firm which have celebrated its 150 years in 1992 to be able to celebrate its 200,250 and more during this new millenium.

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Continuing to present the S.A. LEBAILLY :

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