is located for the main part of its activities, FACTORIES & TON-PITS,
in the district of


Hainaut, Belgium.

Saint Ghislain

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The town of Saint-Ghislain is located at about 15 kms west from the capitel of Hainaut, MONS, well supplied in research structures due to the numerous universities and the research centers all main power parts of the regional walloon and hennuyerian activity.

Saint Ghislain is a huge groupment of urban centers whose each is highly distinct.

The town-center includes many schools and stores, few peripheric industrial zones and follows a well-placed expansion due to local involvment that had to actualise its activities since the closing of coal-extracting and other industries for the beginning of last century.

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Among the municipalities that composes parts of the town of Saint Ghislain since the merging, we must quote :

  • BAUDOUR, thermal and industrial center as well with famous names in industries : Air Liquide, NGK Europe et NGK Ceramics Europe, F.I.B., ...
  • TERTRE, in the new industrial and trading zone as well expanding, but also with some older industries as Premier International, Rotary Nozzle, Zircor Electrofusion, ...
  • the zone of TERTRE-VILLEROT-HAUTRAGE, which counts with Numerous other big names like New Carbochim, Kemira, Woodchem, Crompton & Knowles Europe, Page, Reilly Chemicals, ..., and

where have been long time ago grouped some numerous other ceramic factories but in place of that only remains today some really dynamic companies that take part in our local patrimony as some pillars of the communal and regional neighbourhood :
Alupar, Deswez, Ernest Lebailly and so on ...

Hautrage is than a municipality of the town of Saint-Ghislain, in Hainaut, in center of Walloon area, in Belgium.

In the district of Saint-Ghislain, Hautrage is the most western village, touching the towns of Bernissart and Beloeil.

In Hautrage's town center, the market place catches the eye with its bandstand and when driving towards Sirault's direction, you can find on the left the S.A. LEBAILLY, counting :

  • The industrial factory site situated at nr.20 Octave Mahieu's street,
  • and 200m far, the Head Office, at nr. 37 in the same street by continuing the street and turning two times on the right,
  • The clays-pit "Danube-Bouchon", in Mont Jacquot's street.
  • Sirault's ton-pit can be found prolongating the road to Sirault, at the entrance of Neufmaison in a place said to be "Point du Jour", lane of Beloeil.

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