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Our firm activities are connected to "Ceramic" domain. Either clays mining which are chosen raw materials for ceramic industry, or refractory products and pavements manufacturing, which are in fact ceramic products. All our activity is managed according to the rules, uses and habits related to CERAMIC.

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At national level does exists the "Federation of Belgian and Luxemburg Ceramic Industry", or "FEDICER" which for the head office is located in Mons, in "Ceramic House", near from the research laboratories that are related to the FEDICER or to Ceramic sector and are working in partnership with the local universities or not.


All the researches related to Ceramic are mainly taken in charge by the national inter-university institute for Silicated grounds and materials, called INISMA, as well as the Belgian industrial research center, called CRIB,..., grouped under the label


Belgian Ceramic Research Centre

A research focus has been established by the Polytechnic faculty of Mons and the Companies-Universities interface, under management of the Trading and industry chamber of Mons-Borinage, under the label : "MATERIA NOVA", which is a source of pride for Hainaut, because the global interest is so huge and moreover a special interest for our sector of activities that takes part in the project !

Concerning the economical business, our firm is registered in respect to the NACE-BEL code, in the branch of the mineral non-metallic products, under code 26.26 : "Refractory and ceramic products manufacturing".

The national Institute of statistics has defined in the Prodcom list some serial codes that are related to ceramic products in general and especially for our products :

PRODCOM 99 Description Code NC Ceramic refractory bricks and parts manufacturing < 45% Al2O3 6902.20.91 Ceramic refractory bricks and parts manufacturing > 45% Al2O3 6902.20.91 Refractory cements, limes, concrete and similar related products 3816.00.00 Other ceramic refractory products < 45% Al2O3 6903.20.10 Technical and ceramic refractory items > 45% Al2O3 6903.20.90 Non-varnished or polished tiles, composed in sandstones 6907.90.91

The FEDICER, the referencial association of Belgian and Luxemburg Ceramic Industry, is a member of the Federation of Belgian Companies, European federation of Refractory products, and numerous other dedicated associations.

From social point of view, the FEDICER is in charge to nominate directors for each paritory sector from which depends the ceramic companies, as for example :

    Classification of the S.A. Lebailly
CP 113 Paritory sector of the ceramic industry X
CP 113.01 Paritory sub-sector of the earthenware producers  
CP 113.02 Paritory sub-sector of pavements producers X
CP 113.03 Paritory sub-sector of Refractory Products X
CP 113.04 National sub-sector of tiles producers  

As well as the representative people
from FEDICER in the

CP 102 National association of quarries operating industries X

The paritory sub-sector nr.113 has putted in place an existence and security fund whose the members are the reprsentative people of the paritory sector nr.113.XX.

Our firm is invested in all the administrive councils of all these organisms as well as in the research centers.

We are actively contributing to the Belgian Ceramic development and that is quite useful by allowing us to e at origin of all the related politics to our range of activities. Cooperating with all local member of these organisms and institutions, we must demonstrate to everyone who has got interests in that we own a really strong potential of development and numerous key elements that attribes to henuyerian industry a real industrial future potential, due to new developped ceramics.
This fact gives us a really important opportunity to exportation and a considerable trading and social ability of development.

The refractory products and ceramic still have got a certain future. But at least means of demonstration have to be allowed. Our firm is definitely involved in the public relations process, in order to be able to offer a

"tradition for the future".


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