The range of activities of the
is mainly separated in two sectors :


S.A. Lebailly

Carrières Lebailly


Manufacturing of


Manufacturing of
      PAVEMENT-STONES PRODUCTS for grounds covering

Ton-pits :

Clay mines operating in
Hautrage and Sirault

The main part of the activity of the firm is based upon the


that take part in over than 85% of total incomings and which are the basis of our development and the international notoriety of our firm.

During 1998, our refractory products exports have reached 60% of total production.


The clays operating, for which the wealdian clays are the most wanted ones, takes part in 10% of our total incoming.

The rest is composed by the sales of the sandstones for the pavement of builded grounds manufactured in our factories and technical services.

Our global range of activities is forming part of CERAMIC industry (see "economical neighbourhood") that is composed by few categories which for refractory products are one of the most important sectors. Between the other sectors we can find the procelain and earthenware, ceramic pavements and ground covers, the raw materials related to ceramic, like our clays for example.

The factory manufactures and sell refractory silicon-aluminated products
from 18 to 85% alumina density, solid or hollow, standard or by ordering,
with ceramic or chemical linkage
as well as our ground pavements.

All our products are manufactured using traditional ways
with modern technology contribution and top-quality materials.


Standards Cubilots Spéciaux Creux Non façonnés
Standards Cube-shaped Specials Hollow Non-shaped

In refractory products sector, we can find silicon-aluminated products with high, medium or low alumina density, like the LY products as well as silicium, basic (Magnesium, chromium, dolomium,...) and special (Zircon, graphite, spinels, ...) products. Each of these products corresponds to diverse industrial needings.

Our silicon-aluminated refractory products are mostly used in cementry, Iron, Metal, Steel, blast furnaces, coke-making, glass, either than in building sector. Materials trading is also supplied in our bricks, tiles and refractory cements.

Our range does extend to standard products, from belgian and international norms (± 60% of global volume) and in special or shaped products, produced according to user's requirements (40% of global volume).

Sorted in three quality levels based upon intrastat coding and European Federation of Refractory products (E.R.P.) classification, as follows : High (>45%), medium (>25%) and low alumina density(Al2O3).

  • the refractory products 'LY' are shaped using to ways to proceed (see also related pages),
  • either dry overpressed, for 95% of shaped production
  • or stretched, maximum 5% of production,
  • unshaped : refractory cements and concretes, leaks

The shaped products are , according the defined users needings :

  • solids (bricks, tiles, cube-shaped, wheels, ...) or
  • hollow (pipe-shaped, ferrules, craters, bends, ...),
  • with a linkage :
    • thermical (baking in tunel blast furnace of 70m lenght, at higher than 1200°C temperatures)
    • chemical (using an additional chemical component)

The technical sheets are available on-line :

  • by quality for the solid and unshaped products, and
  • by size for the hollow products

Our studies office analyses with the customer the required qualities to meet his technical and trading needings.


Few decades ago, the S.A. LEBAILLY has started HAUTRAGE'S PAVEMENT-STONE™ products manufacturing by respect to a product diversifying strategy.

Factory tiles, Coastal tiles nad 30 x 30 pavement are a part of the numerous sizes we offer to building-contractors, traders, architects and also private pearsons.

The HAUTRAGE'S PAVEMENT-STONE™ is an high-grade pavement presenting some rustic qualities that gives to each interior a exclusive intimate appearance.

The firm's ton-pits are located in the district of Saint-Ghislain in Hainaut, on two operating places :

  • HAUTRAGE for the main production substance and


That are ton-pits, operated by campaign and which for products are used in Bricks, tiles cements,... manufacturing.

Argiles CLAYS


Many clay qualities are available, as a wealdian surface appearance clay, quite rare. The diverse clays are with a red, yellow or white smart depending of operated layers.

The plastic properties and alumina density of our clays are key elements to choose their industrial use. We consume our aluminated clays for refractory products manufacturing. The other kinds of clays are used to produce cement, bricks and tiles, pottery,...


Slogan LY

No matter which sector of activities, the
S.A. LEBAILLY has succeeded to reach a level of skills and quality that allows it to be considered and take an advantageous place on related markets. The ability, long tradition of our manufacturing experience, performance of our modern and high-tech equipment, involvement and dynamism of our employees are a warranty of our Quality and Label



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