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Slogan LY

Complete presentation of the


silicon-aluminated refractory products specialist since 1842.



An short historical review of our firm since fundation, in some representative steps :
1842-1944-1999-XXIe C.

From 1842 'till now, ready to deal with the challenge of the XXIe century

Geographical location

Situation géographique

Geographical location of the town of Saint-Ghislain where firm's factory and ton-pits take place. Villages of Saint-Ghislain

ref. : http://www.saint-ghislain.be


Activités Our firm's activities, for remember : REFRACTORY PRODUCTS manufacturing
CLAYS mining
and ground pavements manufacturing

Factory and Ton-pits


Plan d'Accès

Accurate location and access map to our firm, taking highway or not.

Complete access map

Structure and chart of employees

Structure & Organigramme

Overview of firm's internal structure, including chart of employees and details of different departments presenting each answerable

Partners, Board of Directors, Departments, ...

Economical neighbourhood

Environnement Economique

The economical neighbourhood locates the company in its sector of activities, social level, federator and by research.

Fedicer, CP, CRIBC, INISMa, ...



Our company strategy in the different sectors of firm's operations and trading politics.
Our firm's goals and philosophy.
Contacts and details


All means of contact : phones - fax,
mailing, e-mail, URL, by department and Answerable person.

Phone / fax / mail / ... / who's who



Ways of manufacturing in some words and pictures, from RM to FP by shaping, baking, CTRL, to forwarding

Manufacturing process summary

News & Jobs

News & Jobs Informations and news of our firm, including in prime the employment vacations offer within our firm, for limited and indeterminate duration.

News and Jobs offers



All our firm's products :
Refractories, clays and pavements
with elaborated manufacturing process, glossary and technical sheets sorted by quality and type.

Refractory products-Clays-Sandstones


Trading documents

Interactive trading :
Prices, informations inquiry, price inquiry, ORDER, delivery request, guestbook and miscellaneous mailing

Prices, price inquiry, order, mailing, ...


To let you discover and better know the S.A. LEBAILLY, we offer a consequent number of tools and subjects, each including some logical links between the different pages of website.

We invite you to browse these pages and thank you for coming on our website and for the interest you've showed for our firm.

We stay at your entire disposal for any further information in our pages


depending of related department regarding your activity or the people you wish to contact.



Quality, Choice, Disponibility
are the keywords
of our trading operations.

The firm want to be closest as possible in order to meet
the customers needings
to encourage partnership and reach industrial quality goals.


History, geographical location and economical neighbourhood, structure, activities, firm strategy and manufacturing process
are the substance that justifies the close attention gift to our refractory products manufacturing


as well that in the other sectors of activity :
clays mining
and pavements manufacturing.


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