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Separatly to the Firm's two main ranges of activities related to silicon-aluminated REFRACTORY PRODUCTS,

the Firm is currently improving a new sector of clays mining, whom qualities and applications are quite various :

refractory clays, wealdian or ypresian surface clays, depending on each source Hautrage or Sirault ton-pits, having red, yellow or white smart.


Activité Carrières

The kinds of clays we offer are dedicated to cement producing and ceramic industries, depending on their own qualities.

Two kinds of clay are now availables :

  • The hautrage's wealdian clay which is offered in different qualities, as the refractory clays or white and yellow smart and
  • The Sirault's ypresian clay, offered in red smart



Wealdian surface clay, geologically motley composed.

Classified between chalk and quartz, the wealdian clay contents three different layers at 19° of inclination heading North-South reference.

The upper layer has got a black appearance, due to organic stuff, containing in average 10% alumina (Al2O3) and 1% iron and does well apply to white cement manufacturing.

The second layer, which has got the same chemical composition but with changes in mineralogical structure, let see a a white appearance. Slightly less versatile depending on the kind of smart and mineralogical components, it is quite useful in white cement manufacturing, excepting that it presents a more awkward klinkerisation than the afore-mentionned one.

The third layer presents an higher alumina density and includes " linking factor "e; qualities helpful for bricks and tiles ceramisation. Depending on alumina density, which floats between 15 and 25%, with 3 to 4% iron and 2,5% Potassium (K2O), this clay is recommended for ceramic linkage of refractory products, and take part as raw material to our products in low, and even in medium alumina density , as well as for bricks and tiles in the building sector. These clays show a yellow, pale yellow or even white smart.

Geological Structure

Geological area : Field of Mons

Stratigraphic level : Inferior Cretacian (or more ancient)

Deposit : Field of Hainaut (ex "Wealdien")

Material density : ± 1,5

Carrière Danube

Carrière Danube


Being Ypresian kind, the Sirault's clay is issued from an homogenic composition, with low alumina density and does apply especially to bricks an tiles used in building sector due to its red smart.

Geological structure

Geological area : Northern limit of Synclinorium of Namur

Stratigraphic level : Eocenian, Ypres's group

Deposit : Field of Tielt

Material density : ± 1,5


The clays are delivered directly from ton-pits on 10 to +/- 30 tons lorries, or in big-bag for the mixtures.

It is in fact possible in order to homogenize the parcels to proceed to clays mixing to offer steady raw materials which are responding to everyone's needings.

The clays are dried, crushed, mixed then placed in big-bags ready to forward. The granulometry is thin and floats in average between 0 and 1mm.

Depending on quantities and particular criterias, granulometry, chemical and organical composition, mixtures, etc ..., our prices are accorded to your requests and a customized offer can be given taking account of the basis of your needings review or a complete use descriptive.

The extracting operations are use to be done by campaign. To put yourself soon in contact with our ton-pits manager could be useful in order to planify the extraction needings.

To obtain a customized offer,
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