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is a manufacturer of silico alumina shaped refractories in Belgium.

The company exists since 1842 and is still managed by the Lebailly family, Jean Lebailly being the C.E.O of the company.

Lebailly S.A has its own family owned clay quarries witch are good for 30 hectares and millions of tons of reserves in order to produce the refractory bricks for the aluminium smelters.

Many of the smelters worldwide are adopting the Hall-Heroult technology and the Lebailly bricks are 100% “Rio Tinto – Alcan - Pechiney” certified.

The company delivers a consistent high quality material in Europe and overseas.

Lebailly S.A is also known as a producer of Ceramics & dense shaped refractories dedicated to the cement, the steel and other heavy industries.

Sister companies are “Usine et Carrières Ernest Lebailly” which is the company that owns quartzite quarries and “Lebailly ADF” that owns the land field where the clay is extracted.
BRO - Standard Refractory Bricks

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Contacts :
CEOJean Lebailly
G +32 475 706 637
Plant Director Ir Henri Jonniaux
G +32 474 805 568
ExportAlexis Melissas
G +32 475 245 741
Standard Size : 22x11x6

dry overpressed refractory products
for aluminium smelters.

Our products are composed with these elements :
Alumina  Al2O3Titanium oxide  TiO2
Silica  SiO2Potash  K2O
Iron oxide  Fe2O3Sodium oxide  Na2O
It’s a refractory product.

The product is an overpressed brick.

If the product is cut, broken or crushed, the produced dust is a mix of the here above components.